Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church
At "The Mount Church!" We are a Worship, Family, Love, Hope, Spiritual Peace, Uplifting Church!

"Come As You Are Church" of Tuskegee, Alabama

Celebrating 166 years!

Mt. Olive is a progressive ministry that also relishes in the significance of our history. "The Mount" is one place you can truly have a powerful and spiritual worship experience in the greater Tuskegee area. Mt. Olive is the oldest African American congregation in the city and many of the churches here came out of Mt. Olive’s rich history. Mt. Olive has a rich heritage of historical figures that were members in year past and some who are still active members. This is the home church of Dr. Booker T. Washington, founder of Tuskegee University. It is also the home church of Tuskegee’s first African American mayor, The Honorable Johnny Ford, and the first African American sheriff in the state of Alabama, Lucius Amerson, and many, many, others that you will read about on our history page.

Mt. Olive has become a beaconing light of hope for this community. As Tuskegee's oldest Black baptist church, it continues to provide leadership in the area of ministry and spiritual growth. We have obtained 501(c)3 tax exempt status as a nonprofit organization. We have also become one of the fastest growing congregations in Southeast Alabama. God has given me a "vision for this people" that is being actualized every day. We have one of the most diverse congregations in our community.   The worship experience is both traditional/contemporary. It's homely and family atmosphere keeps you coming back for more. I hope you enjoy browsing our site. Oh, by the way, If you're ever in this area, stop by "The "Mount" to get a refreshing, anointing, down home, worship experience. And when you get tired of visiting us, join us.

Spiritually and Prayerfully Yours,
Rev. Dr. J. H. Curry, Jr., Pastor